What we know about the Queensland coal mine disaster

Posted May 11, 2018 05:22:27The Queensland Government is still trying to sort out how many coal mining workers died in a power equipment collapse at a coal mine in the South West, and a coroner has declared it a case of “manmade death”.

Key points:Queensland Power and Light has confirmed about 1,500 workers died when a crane collapsed at the site in the early hours of the morningOn Monday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was not sure what caused the collapse of a crane at a Queensland Coal Mine siteThe collapse happened at about 5:00am on Monday, and Queensland Power and Lamp &Light has confirmed more than 1,000 workers died.

Queenslanders were still trying for answers on Sunday, with the coronial inquiry into the incident saying it was not clear how many people were in the crane.

“The cause of the accident is still under investigation,” the inquiry said.

“It is also not known if any of the fatalities were related to the incident.”

Queenslands Premier Annaszuk told reporters the State Government was “not in a position to release any more details” about the incident.

“There are still a number of questions that need to be answered about what happened and I’m not sure exactly what those questions are,” she said.

Queers have been devastated by the collapse, with many of them leaving the state and leaving their homes to search for relatives.

A massive police presence has been deployed at the scene, with police saying they will continue to keep people at home and secure the area for hours.

Quebec’s provincial coroner ruled that a crane that collapsed in the mine site was caused by “man made death”.

“I think it is clear from the information that I’ve received that this is a case that was caused intentionally, by an employee of a mine,” Queensland coroner, Dr Mark Taylor said on Sunday.

“This is not a natural event.”‘

I just can’t believe what I’m seeing’Queenslander Gina Laffite said she and her husband had not been able to return home and was left without any money.

“I just couldn’t believe it, I just can’T believe what’s happening,” she told ABC Radio Queensland.

“We’re trying to make it through this week and get through it.”

But it’s really been heartbreaking.

I just don’t understand why they would do this to their workers.

“Queenland Coal mine workers are still waiting to receive compensation and a federal coroner has confirmed there are still no answers.

Queenlands Premier Lisa Neville told reporters on Sunday she did not know what caused a crane to collapse at the Queensland Coal mine site.”

That’s something we need to find out,” she added.”

What we’re really trying to do is make sure that we get the truth out, and we’re going to be doing that this week.

“Queers can find out more about the coronials inquiry on the Queensland Government website.

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