Which sport should be banned?

Sportswear manufacturer Nike has launched a campaign in India, urging athletes and spectators to boycott all sporting activities as soon as possible.

The campaign, which is based on the principle that the world is suffering from an epidemic of chronic disease, has been spearheaded by the country’s most influential sportswear company, Nike India, which has also been leading a campaign against the use of rubber gloves in sport.

The company said in a statement on Monday that rubber gloves have been used for years in Indian sports and the use should be prohibited.

“We strongly urge the athletes, coaches, parents and the spectators to exercise their right to choose what sport they want to participate in.

If they want their sport to be a safe and healthy one, then they should opt for the safer, safer sport,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Nike India has been lobbying India’s government to ban the use and manufacture of rubber and leather gloves in sports.

India’s sports ministry has already banned the use, manufacture and sale of all products made from rubber, leather or plastic.

The ministry has also said that a ban on rubber and other products made of plastic would be imposed on sports bodies and the governing body of sports.

“The government has asked the companies to immediately cease production and distribution of such products and take necessary measures to ensure their safe use and safety.

We urge the companies concerned to take immediate measures to avoid introducing new products,” a ministry spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the ministry was also encouraging the manufacturers to ensure that they did not use any synthetic materials in their products.


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