Why your next outdoor adventure can be a $100,000 adventure

Fitness equipment rental store owner Kevin Miller says a lack of outdoor climbing gear can make a $250,000 outdoor adventure a pipe dream.

“It’s almost like a one-time purchase,” Miller told Bleacher.

“I think it’s just something that’s just sort of out of reach.

We don’t have the equipment, and it’s not as cheap as it could be.” 

The company says you can save thousands by buying the equipment from a local hardware store or even from a third-party.

But if you want the best equipment at the best prices, you’ll want to go to a reputable source. 

The biggest challenge for climbers is finding good gear.

“We’ve seen a few people that we’re really, really impressed with,” Miller said.

“A lot of them have a great gear selection that is great for climbing.

But there’s just not a lot of good climbing gear out there.

It’s just hard to find.”