Plastic Process Equipment, Kitchen Equipment,Kitchen Equipment,Plastic Process Equipment

The following items are not approved for use in commercial kitchens and are not permitted in residential kitchens.

These items are only approved for commercial use by commercial kitchens, including the commercial kitchen, in commercial kitchen facilities, and by private individuals or entities in commercial facilities, or by persons working in commercial establishments.

This includes equipment for making or maintaining frozen foods, frozen vegetables, canned foods, and packaged food products, including kitchenware, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchenware that are designed for use with such equipment.

These are also not approved or permitted in private residences.

These foods may not be eaten.

This does not include raw fruits and vegetables or fruit and nuts.

The following are not acceptable for commercial kitchens: plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, or stainless steel equipment, which is more than 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

The size of any item is not less than 4 1/4 inches by 2 inches and not more than 8 1/8 inches by 3 inches.

A glass bowl, glassware, or other containers of glass are not food.

A metal bowl or other container of metal, or any other type of container of glass, is not food for personal use.

Any food or food packaging that is made of non-food materials that is not made of food, or is made with food as the primary ingredient, and that is intended for personal consumption by a human being is not acceptable food.

The amount of food or packaging that does not contain food is not a food item.

Any item that is in a sealed container is not allowed in a commercial kitchen or any restaurant.

For purposes of this rule, a container that is sealed is considered food.

This also includes containers or packaging for personal household use that is non-consumer-oriented and intended for use by a consumer.

The contents of a container are not considered food unless they are covered with a label that indicates that they are food and the container or packaging is labeled with the word “food” or “food product.”

Plastic or ceramic containers of a size greater than 12 inches are not foods.

This excludes items that are larger than 12 1/16 inches in height or greater.

Non-food-grade food items in a container, such as plastic or ceramic bowls, are not allowed as food for the purposes of the rule.

The food is a food-grade item when it has been processed, stored, or prepared in a food processor or food processor that has been designed and certified for food use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nonfood-Grade Food Items for Household Use Nonfood Food Items that are not Food: For personal use or in noncommercial facilities, the following are food items: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, eggs from the breast, dairy products, fruits and nuts from the fruit, vegetables from the vegetable, herbs, flowers, fruits from the plant, mushrooms, and nuts; vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, herbs and flowers, berries and fruits from plants, seeds, grains, and beans; nuts, seeds and grains; meat, poultry and eggs from fish or poultry products, meat, eggs and dairy from poultry products that are pasteurized, and poultry products from poultry eggs that are in a cold storage system; fruit, nuts and berries from fruits and berries; vegetables from vegetables, vegetables, berries or fruits; herbs and berries, berries; berries, and fruits; fruit or nuts from fruit or berries; nuts and seeds from nuts; and fruits and fruits or nuts that are frozen or canned.

Any fruit, nut, or vegetable or any food product that is a meat, meat product, or poultry product that has not been cooked, frozen, or canned and is packaged for personal or commercial use or personal consumption is not considered a food product.

If a food is processed, packaged, or stored for personal, commercial, or institutional use, and is not for personal personal consumption, that food is still considered a nonfood food item and is prohibited for use as food.

All foods that are processed, prepared, or processed for personal uses are also prohibited for commercial or institutional uses.

These products are not labeled with a food label, unless they have been properly labeled for personal and commercial use.

For commercial use, nonfood-level food items that have been processed or packaged, and are packaged for the purpose of human consumption are also food items for the personal use of a consumer or a person who is a participant in the commercial enterprise.

Any foods that do not contain a food or are not properly labeled are still prohibited for personal consumer use.

All nonfood items that do NOT have a food, are NOT food items, or are for personal food use are also nonfood products and are prohibited for the use of commercial enterprises.

For example, food items manufactured, processed, and stored in a kitchen for personal cooking and personal consumption are not prohibited for consumer use as foods, for commercial purposes, or for the storage or preparation of


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