New, innovative way to make electronic components by stacking parts in a box

By making electronics and other components in a simple, modular box, the researchers say they can create smaller and more robust electronic components.

The technology is called the Nanoweb, and it is described in a new paper in the journal Science.

The researchers have built a prototype, which is similar to the way a standard computer works.

You can see it in action at the bottom of the video.

In a nutshell, the Nanaweb uses the shape of a piece of paper, called a sheet, to make a “stack,” or a set of stacked parts.

When the Nanobay is stacked, the stack will be smaller, lighter, and more resilient.

The Nanowebs components are smaller and lighter than existing designs, and they’re more robust and efficient.

The team behind the Nanowerw project says the Nanoweeb design has been used in the past for industrial equipment, and now they want to bring it to the consumer market.

For example, if you were building an electronic device that could run your cellphone, the company says the design could be a key part of the package.


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