Which equipment suppliers are doing the best job of keeping the lights on?

The lights in most of the parks in this province are on for the day because of the federal government’s decision to end the lights in parks, says the Ontario Society of Parks and Forestry.

But there are some exceptions.

Stafford and Millers are working hard to keep the lights out for all of the summer, and staff are even putting out a call for volunteer assistance with the installation of solar panels at a local elementary school.

A volunteer is taking over the job of taking the panels, said Paul Sargeant, executive director of the Ontario SPCF.

Sargeants says staff will be able to take charge once the panels are installed.

“We’ve got people who have been working on it for a long time and have a very good understanding of the system, and they can do it with very little cost,” he said.

SPCFs website offers tips for solar-powered lighting systems for outdoor spaces.

He said staff have seen solar panels in use for a couple of years in other jurisdictions, and that he believes this is the first time the province is taking this approach.

Sargant said he was hopeful that the new solar-panel system would be up and running within six weeks.

The Ontario SSCF also has solar panels on hand in Toronto.

The solar panels are in the middle of the city, but have been removed for safety reasons, Sargeans said.

“So we’ve been working closely with our staff to keep those panels operational and out of the way,” he explained.


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