Why you should stop buying Alta fitness equipment

A recent article in The Hindu has highlighted the growing concern that Alta is not doing enough to meet its customers’ needs, despite the company claiming to be an “industry leader” for fitness equipment.

Alta, which is owned by French investment firm Joule Capital, has a strong presence in the fitness equipment market, with over 200 products on its website.

However, its online store is limited in its scope and there is no online shopping function.

It has also been found that some of the products on Alta’s website do not have a proper nutrition label and have expired labels.

While Alta claims to be the world’s leading fitness equipment maker, its website does not list products that have passed the Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) Quality Assurance (QA) test.

Some products also appear to be un-certified, with products labelled “certified” but that are not.

“There are products which do not pass the QA test, which means that there are no guarantees that they will work,” a spokesperson for Alta told The Hindu.

The spokesperson also said that Altas fitness equipment is only available in Europe.

Although Alta does not have the same physical fitness standards as a gym, many of the fitness products that are marketed as Alta Fitness are designed for elite athletes.

An exercise trainer for example, might be marketed as a trainer that provides exercises, whereas it might be a workout tool that helps athletes to achieve their fitness goals.

But it is not just Alta that is in trouble with fitness equipment quality.

The company has also come under fire for failing to comply with the new EU rules on how much weight it is required to carry in its gym membership. 

The European Union adopted a new regulation last year that requires companies to put a weight limit on their membership.

However, there are loopholes in the rules, as some fitness equipment companies have found ways to circumvent the requirement.

According to the European Commission, Alta has been found to have been violating the EU regulations by selling fitness equipment that does not comply with these guidelines. 

But while the European Union is cracking down on fitness equipment manufacturers, Altar has continued to expand its footprint in the market.

Altar bought the fitness training company Fitness Inc in 2015, and it has expanded its product line with new products for sports.

 Its Fitness Plus, for example is a bodyweight trainer that uses machines to help athletes get fit, as well as the Fitness Plus 3.0, which offers a workout software for individuals to download for free.

And Alta recently announced the launch of a new fitness product called Alta Power. 

Alta Power is designed to help individuals achieve their goal of getting fit with a machine that uses “smart” algorithms to determine how much exercise is needed to achieve fitness levels, according to a company press release. 

However, Altas Fitness Plus is a fitness machine that is designed for athletes to get in shape, and the company has not specified which type of exercise it is designed specifically for.

Alta has also added more fitness equipment into its existing range of products, as it also added several new fitness products for athletes.

It launched the Alta Sports Trainer in October, and Alta Fit is set to go on sale in October. 

While Altas Fit has been branded as a fitness trainer, Altareas fitness device is marketed as being a workout trainer, and that it also uses algorithms to decide how much work a person needs to perform.

Altareas Fitness Fitness is available for a price of €149.95. 

Altarea Fitness Plus will also be available for €149, with the price dropping to €79.95 for a four-month membership.


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