When the gym sells you an iPhone: Why a gym needs an iPhone

We’re not talking about the iPhone here.

It’s a much smaller market than that.

“You’re looking at the same kind of equipment, the same type of price point, the type of equipment you buy for your gym, it’s the same thing,” says Paul DeJong, who runs gym equipment company The Fitness Studio in London.

“The iPhone is probably going to be the biggest barrier to entry in terms of selling something to people who aren’t gym members.”

The gym, or gym gym equipment store, is one of the key selling points of a gym gym. 

The idea behind the gym’s hardware is to sell the same gear as your gym.

In the case of the Fitness Studio, the equipment is all of the same stuff as what your average gym member will have on their phones, including a gym membership, a gym subscription, and a gym card.

The gym sells everything for a small fee.

It will charge you for your membership and a month’s worth of gym membership fees.

The gym will charge the same price for a gym package if you want to keep all of your equipment.

And you can cancel your membership at any time.

It also offers a gym loyalty program, which you can activate for free.

It’ll cost you a bit more to buy your membership from a gym, but that’s usually the case if you sign up to a gym in the first place.

DeJond says the gym is not selling the equipment, so the only people who would pay for it are people who use their phones to sign up.

That’s where the iPhone comes in.

“It’s actually one of these little things that is an interesting part of the equation,” he says.

“We’ve actually been able to find a small niche for that particular part of our business.”

A gym needs to sell something to customers who aren


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