How to keep your gear dry in the NHL season

How to stay dry and cool in the frigid weather.

Here are some tips for staying cool, keeping your gear fresh and in good condition in the league’s NHL season.1.

Know your surroundings2.

Dress appropriately3.

Get to the rink and enjoy the gameFirst, get to the arena, where the NHL will begin its second exhibition game on Saturday against the Anaheim Ducks at Honda Center in Anaheim.

The game will start at 7 p.m.


Fans can watch the game on ESPN3, ABC, FOX or Univision.

Fans can also stream the game online.

Fans who are not able to watch the exhibition game can watch a pregame broadcast on or the team’s official website.

If you plan to watch, be prepared to get your gear wet, so you can keep it dry in case of an emergency.

A coat, a hat, gloves, pants, a hoodie, sunglasses, and long sleeve shirt are the best protection for the game.

The temperature outside is usually 20 degrees or below in the summer.2.

Wash your gear3.

Protect yourself4.

Keep your gear cool and dry4.

Wash yourself, so the water does not seep inYour gear must be dry when it arrives at the rink.

Wash it in cold water for 10 minutes.

You should keep the bag and equipment in a sealed plastic bag.

Avoid leaving the bag in the hot sun.

If you are wearing a jacket, a short-sleeved shirt or a long-sleeve shirt, place a towel under the sleeve so the moisture will not get on the shirt or sweater.

You can also place a soft towel under each wrist to prevent the water from getting on your skin.

Do not wear a hat or sunglasses.

The sun will also heat up your clothing.5.

Use gloves and hoodieIf you are going to be outdoors in the sun, wear gloves and a hoody.

Gloves help keep you warm.

Do NOT wear a cap, a sweat mask, a scarf or other protective equipment.

Do a quick check of your gloves and try them on before you start the game to make sure they are dry and comfortable.

Wear gloves and goggles if you plan on using your helmet while wearing the hat.

You may need to use the helmet to check your headgear and/or sunglasses.6.

Wear goggles during the game and the gameAfter the game, if you are at the arena and you see a large crowd, wear goggles and a long sleeve jacket.

You will need to wear them for at least 10 minutes, so keep them dry.

Wear a long sleeved shirt, and do not wear the hat or glasses.

The hat or goggles should be long enough that you cannot see the face of the person who is wearing them.7.

Wear your face mask if you have a nosebleedIf you have had a nose bleed during a game, wear a mask if possible.

It may help prevent a potentially serious injury.

Make sure the mask is not too tight, and make sure it does not cover your mouth.

If possible, wear one eye open to avoid the risk of a concussion.8.

Dress warm and be prepared for the weatherThe temperature outside in the northern hemisphere is typically 20 degrees, and in the southern hemisphere it can drop to below freezing.

Wear warm clothes.

Avoid wearing gloves or wearing goggles, and wear long sleeves.

Wear long-johns, sweat pants, and boots.

Avoid long sleeves in hot weather.9.

Be mindful of your surroundings10.

Wear protective gearIf you need to get away from the rink, wear warm clothing.

If your gear needs to be moved around during the season, do not leave your equipment in the locker room.

Wear hats and sunglasses if you can.

If a game is on, you can use your helmet or sunglasses, so long as you do not have goggles or glasses on.

If the game is outdoors, wear long- sleeve shirts or long-shorts or long sleeve shirts, and gloves if you cannot wear glasses.

Keep long sleeves and long pants.

You are not required to wear any protective gear while the game takes place, so wear what is necessary.11.

Wear an eye maskIf you get a concussion during a hockey game, take steps to prevent a concussion that could result in a loss of consciousness or permanent disability.

Get an eye protection kit.

Wear it if you feel uncomfortable.

If needed, get it immediately.

If not, get an eye cover, such as a mask.

If it does get too cold, wear an outer jacket or a sweater.

If there is a heat wave, wear clothes and clothing that do not allow for sweating.

Wear clothing that has sleeves and pants that are long enough to avoid getting sweaty, but not so long that it gets into the eye area.

Wear sunscreen if necessary.

Wear sunglasses if necessary and be aware that heat may make it hard to see. You need


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