What you need to know about the new $9.2bn capital equipment investment plan

Capital equipment investment in India has grown more than $2bn, with most of it coming from China.

The country’s biggest industrial player, China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), has invested more than US$1.2tn in the country over the past four years, while other major players have invested less.

Here are five key points: • The capital equipment (CX) investment in the Indian economy grew by $1.8bn in the first quarter, according to government data released on Thursday.

• The number of CX investments in India is now at the highest level in more than a decade.

• India’s CX investment in China surpassed the $2.8tn it invested in China during the same period last year.

• More than $3tn in investment in CX from China and its affiliates have been committed by state-owned firms and state-run banks, as well as private companies, and about $2tn has been invested by the central government.

• About US$3tn of Indian investment has been committed so far.

The total investment in capital equipment by Chinese state-controlled companies, including CNPC, has more than doubled since the first half of this year.


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