Ghost hunters find a way to shoot on video

Posted June 01, 2019 11:00:01A photographer and a photographer’s assistant are out hunting in New Zealand’s north-west with a video camera.

“I love the mountains and I love to shoot,” said John Tait, the photographer who works at the Blue Mountain National Park.

Tait said the idea to take pictures of the mountain’s ghosts came after he was in New York shooting for a documentary about the film industry.

The photos he took in the field with the camera are a testament to how easy it is to capture ghost sightings in New South Wales, he said.

“It’s not hard at all, just to get it out and get some perspective on the situation.”

I’m a bit scared of the stuff that’s there, but I’m glad I have a camera because I’m able to capture that.

“The photo shoot was organised by Blue Mountain’s ghost hunters group and has been a highlight of the group’s recent activities.

It started with one person and two cameras, but they now have more than 20.

Blue Mountain National Parks chief ranger Peter Wigglesworth said the group is doing it for the “spirit of the season” and because it’s a unique opportunity for them to capture something unique.”

We’re trying to be a little bit of a social experiment, to see if we can get some of the spirit of the place through these photographs,” he said, adding that the group wanted to “share what we’re finding with people”.”

We think it’s important for the tourism industry to see what’s out there, and it’s really exciting that we’re seeing the spirit in the photos.

“Mr Wigglsworth said there were some other groups who were doing similar shoots in the area, but were taking photos in remote locations and were not capturing the ghosts.

But he said he could see the appeal for people to capture the ghosts in the wild.”

People are always fascinated by the supernatural, and they want to capture a ghost to tell their story,” he.”

There are some of these little towns and villages and we want to share that with the world, and the ghosts that live there.

“Mr Tait said it’s “a really cool thing” to be able to get the experience of seeing a ghost.”

When I’m in the bush, I just have to go and shoot it,” he added.

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