When the gym is your workout destination

By now you’ve probably seen the Walmart workout equipment ad, and the slogan is “We don’t give a damn what your gym looks like.”

In fact, the ad makes a lot of sense.

Walmart is the world’s largest gym retailer and offers a wide range of fitness equipment, including workout gear.

And yet, the Walmart ad has a few things wrong: The product isn’t on sale at Walmart stores.

Walmart’s own store in the U.S. is the only Walmart location that offers Walmart workout gear, and only the Walmart store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sells the equipment.

So when you click the “buy” button, you’re essentially going to get a product that isn’t actually available at Walmart.

Walmart reps, in a phone interview, said the ad’s wording is “a misunderstanding.”

The ad’s premise is that Walmart is trying to create a “Walmart workout program,” a term Walmart has used in its ads since the company launched the Walmart Flexible Fitness program in the spring of 2014.

The program, which was limited to fitness equipment and stationary bikes, is a joint venture between the company and Nike, which is one of the major manufacturers of fitness gear.

The goal of the Walmart program was to sell more products, said Walmart spokesman Mark Schindler.

“The ad is based on the premise that Walmart’s fitness program is about the fitness equipment itself, not the products they sell,” he said.

But according to Walmart reps and an online search of its product catalog, the fitness gear on display at Walmart is not necessarily the equipment it’s promoting.

The Fitness Tracker, for example, is available at a number of Walmart stores and does not have a Walmart tag, Schindlers said.

“That’s not necessarily a fitness product, it’s a stationary bike,” he explained.

And the Fitness Trainer, which has a Walmart name, is not available at any Walmart stores, either.

Walmart Fitness Equipment, which launched in 2014, offers gym equipment ranging from elliptical machines to stationary bikes.

The company says that most of the equipment on display is geared toward people over the age of 50, but that it offers equipment that can be used for recreational activities.

According to Walmart, its Fitness Tracker is designed to allow people to train for an hour or two at a time and then return home to spend the rest of their time on the treadmill, which it claims “allows you to build muscle, tone and burn fat.”

The company offers the equipment as a one-time purchase, and it is a very effective workout equipment, according to the company.

The treadmill is also a good way to add a little variety to your workout routine, according a company spokesperson.

The workout equipment can also be used in other ways, like as a recovery device for athletes, a weight-training tool or even a fitness device for your child, said Schinders.

“For our kids, it can be a great way to help them burn calories,” said Schinder.

Walmart has also released a video showing a person doing the exercise, which appears to show people using the treadmill.

The videos also show people with different body types performing various exercises.

“As we build our network of fitness partners, we’re excited to share our passion for people’s health and wellness, and how we can help people meet their fitness goals,” said Walmart Fitness Director of Global Business Development Jennifer Rafferty in a statement.

“We’re also excited to partner with Walmart on the fitness program, as they provide the products and services our customers are seeking.”

So how do we know that Walmart has a fitness program that’s actually going to work?

We can start with the Fitness Tracker.

“It’s one of those machines that’s very well designed for people to do a little bit of exercise and it’s kind of like a weight machine,” said Chris Condon, a physical therapist in Chicago.

“When you put it in the chair, it just feels like it’s going to be a good workout.”

But Condon said the exercise itself is not really the workout.

“I think a lot about the weight,” he told VICE News.

“But the other thing I think is it’s sort of like, if you have a treadmill, what’s the weight you’re trying to do?”

Walmart says the Fitness tracker is a machine that has a variety of modes for the user to work on.

When it’s running, the user can move the weight around and push it against a stationary object.

When you’re stationary, the treadmill pushes the weight against a wall or onto a treadmill.

When running, it will spin around the user and push the weight down the track.

And when running on a treadmill with a stationary bicycle, it spins the bicycle around and pushes it down the treadmill to create power.

“You don’t need to really get into the specifics of how it works, but it’s just going to help you do that one exercise,” Condon told VICE TV.

“If you have to have


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