The world’s most expensive recording studio is in a garage

It’s an impressive thing to see, though the one in this video has a little bit of an artistic bent.

In addition to its massive size, the home-made, three-wheeled, “digital” recording studio also features a large window, a small refrigerator, a couple of chairs and a small stool.

It’s worth noting that the room also features an electric guitar and a couple other musical instruments, including an acoustic guitar and an electric bass.

It is actually quite large, but the video shows it as having an excellent room sound.

The video was taken at the JRC studios in a parking lot outside of a warehouse in central France.

It took a bit of getting used to in terms of its size, but once you get used to it, it’s quite easy to work in.

The studio has a lot of storage for its hardware, which is a nice touch.

At one point, the owner of the recording studio was working on something when he suddenly disappeared from the camera’s view, which surprised the photographer who had snapped the video.

He was only seen for about five minutes before the footage was deleted.

The owner of JRC Studio, which sells recording equipment for use in video games, has been filming the studio for the past two years.

The video, which we’ve posted above, shows the owner, who also goes by the name “Lion,” working on some of the equipment, including a large mixer.

It has a wide variety of gear that includes a turntable, recorders, speakers, an amplifier and a lot more.

It also has an electric piano.

It seems that the equipment is a bit outdated, however.

The company said it is still making and selling recording equipment.


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