How the ‘gun-free zone’ bill became law

When Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., introduced the Gun Free School Zones Act last year, he said that the bill would allow “schools, colleges and universities to make the choice not to purchase firearms.”

But that has not happened.

The legislation has been held up in the Senate Judiciary Committee because of the difficulty in making it through the Republican-led House.

Murphy said the legislation is “more of a companion piece to our broader gun safety efforts, which include strengthening background checks and expanding mental health protections.”

Murphy and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., introduced a bill that would provide a similar option.

The bill is expected to be introduced on Monday, after the Senate votes on it.

But Murphy said Thursday that the legislation has not been introduced yet because of logistical issues.

The measure would not extend gun-free zones in schools and colleges, and would allow schools, colleges, universities and law enforcement agencies to make that choice themselves.

Murphy and Goodlatty’s bill would require schools to use a gun-safety training program that includes teaching students about the risks and benefits of owning guns and the risks associated with allowing guns in their buildings.

It would also require schools, law enforcement and the federal government to work with local school districts to improve gun safety, including providing training to school staff on the safe storage of guns.

Murphy, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, said that he is “deeply concerned” that the Senate is not considering the legislation.

He said he wants to see the bill passed by the House.

But he said he does not want to see it “suddenly, as a one-off, because it’s not.”

The bill has been stalled in the House, which is controlled by Republicans, for more than a year.

The House passed the bill last month, but Murphy said he expects it to be defeated by the Senate, which he described as “the most pro-gun member of Congress.”

He said that gun-rights advocates are upset with the House because it did not allow the legislation to advance on its own, which was required under the Senate bill.

“That bill was passed by a majority of the House,” Murphy said.

“We did not have the support of a majority in the other chamber.

So they want to change it so that we can have a vote in the opposite chamber, which has never happened.”

The House Judiciary Committee voted in May to send the bill to the full House, but the Senate has not yet taken up the measure.

The gun-control advocates say the House bill is not necessary because there is already a bill in place that would have given schools the ability to decide not to allow guns in campus buildings.

But the gun- control groups, led by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, say the Senate version of the bill, which they say was approved by the Judiciary committee in March, was rushed and not fully vetted.

Brady has criticized the Senate bills, saying that it is “simply not necessary” and that “it’s a one and done thing.”

Murphy said that a “more thoughtful approach” was being taken in the committee to review the House measure and that he wants a vote on the Senate legislation.

Murphy’s bill has received broad support from gun-violence prevention groups.

The Brady Campaign is among them.

The group said in a statement Thursday that it would like to see a vote this week on the House version of Murphy’s legislation.

“If we can’t see it in the next week, we need to hear from people across the country to help us get it on the floor of the Senate,” the statement said.

Murphy has been pushing for a bipartisan solution for gun-owning schools for some time, including his support for the Brady bill, but he has been unable to find support from other Republicans.

Democrats have also criticized Murphy for not doing enough to make it through Congress, including a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases.

Murphy spokesman Matt Lloyd said that Murphy’s committee has heard from a number of gun-owners in his district and that it has heard “a lot of complaints” from gun owners in Connecticut about the Senate’s bill.

Murphy is not the only senator to oppose expanding gun-friendly school zones.


Tom Coburn, R.-Okla., and Joe Manchin, D.-W.

Va., both introduced legislation in March that would allow guns on campus but not in school buildings.

Manchin has also said he opposes expanding gun control.

In a statement, Manchin’s office said that Manchin will “continue to pursue legislation that will address gun violence and protect our nation’s children.”

Murphy has also criticized Manchin for his “dysfunctional and dysfunctional” position on gun-related legislation.

Manchins statement said that there are many issues that have been addressed in recent weeks and that Manchis focus on gun safety is an important part of his agenda, but it is not an issue that is directly addressed in his legislation. The


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