Google has pulled off a ‘supercomputer’ comeback

Google has been able to bring back its own supercomputer, according to a report.

The report said that Google has returned its own version of its “Cazenova” supercomputer in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

The project has been led by Hewlett Packard Enterprise since 2007.

The project is based on the Hewlett and Packard System-On-Chip (SoC), a hardware-based platform designed to work together to process and process data.

The SoC runs on the same silicon that power the servers of Microsoft, IBM and Amazon.

The SoC has been used in many systems, including the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Amazon Echo and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Google has also been working on its own customised version of the SoC, called Google Fusion, which it claims can process data in the thousands of terabytes and deliver huge performance gains compared to existing supercomputers.

Google has said that the Google Fusion system is now available for customers to test on Google’s own data centres.

Google said in its latest earnings report that the project was also a key factor in the company’s successful acquisition of Netflix in 2018.

Netflix said that it was a “significant step forward for Google”, as the acquisition of the streaming video giant enabled the company to “rebuild” its infrastructure and infrastructure technology to deliver cloud-computing services for Google’s cloud.

Google had said that this acquisition had allowed the company “to scale up our infrastructure” and enable it to deliver new services such as its “video services” and “cloud services”.

The project has already been rolled out to Amazon and Microsoft cloud services, but Google has since scaled up the project to offer it to other companies.


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