A bakery’s new equipment definition can make it a victim of identity theft

Updated February 09, 2020 09:08:00The new definition for bakeries has created a new headache for businesses and customers.

A bakery has been fined for failing to provide a valid identity card when making changes to its bakery equipment.

Key points:The new rule was passed at the last state and territory meeting on the definition of bakery equipmentIn NSW, only licensed bakeries can have equipment that includes equipment that has been declared by the Department of Business, Innovation and Employment (BIE) to be a bakery.

However, the new definition will also apply to other businesses that use equipment to produce cakes or bakery products.

“If you have a bakery and you make cakes, you are using equipment that’s been declared as a bakery,” BIE spokesman Andrew Jones said.

“The bakery should provide a copy of the declaration to the business.”

That is the only way that you can be able to determine whether the equipment that you use is a bakery equipment or not.

“You can get a court order to require that you provide that information.”

The new rules are due to come into force in March 2021.

It is understood the NSW Government has asked BIE to review the definition and ensure that any changes are made in line with existing legislation.

Alicia Jones, an owner of Bakery and Bakery Supply in South Australia, said she had never heard of any changes being made.

“I think the NSW government is just trying to do this on their own and not be too tight with the definition,” she said.

She said it was important for people to know that there was an exemption for bakers and bakers equipment.

“Baking is an essential skill in any business.

That’s why I love making cakes and why I do so much baking,” she explained.”

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s a skill that people can really master.”

The definition for a bakery includes equipment used to prepare and bake cakes, breads, pastries and muffins.

It also includes equipment for making baked goods that is baked in a food preparation or preparation area and also used in the production of food.

However it does not include any equipment that can be used to make products that have been prepared and baked on the premises.

The definition is now being scrutinised by the Victorian Government.

A spokeswoman for the Victorian State Government said the definition for bakery equipment was a matter for the NSW Department of Consumer Affairs.

“In the case of bakery-related equipment, we have specific regulations for bac-ery equipment,” she told the ABC.

“This is a matter that will be discussed at a later date.”

It is important that all businesses have adequate equipment to protect themselves from identity theft.



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