How ghost hunting can be fun, scary and expensive

What if you could just walk around a haunted house, or go ghost hunting?

The Hill’s Amy Hardman has a guide for you.

The Hill reported that in Georgia, where the state legislature is considering a bill to ban ghost hunting, the bill passed in May.

According to The Hill, the legislation would make Georgia the first state in the country to ban such activity.

Georgia House Bill 2153 would make it a misdemeanor to take photos or videos of a person in a haunted mansion or to document such activity on any website.

A second misdemeanor would also be added to the bill.

In addition, the Georgia House passed an amendment on Feb. 5 that would also add a second misdemeanor to the proposed bill.

It would make the possession of “any equipment used in the performance of ghost hunting or the filming or photographing of a corpse, or the exhibition of such equipment in a public place a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and/or up to 180 days in jail, or both.”

Ghost hunting equipment would also have to be certified as “equipment for purposes of such activity,” the Georgia legislation says.

“If such equipment is not certified by the manufacturer, the purchaser shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,” the bill reads.

The Georgia House also added a clause to the law that would allow an employee of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to confiscate equipment if it is used in a “ghost hunt.”

But Ghost Hunters Georgia is a non-profit organization that offers the “Best in Georgia Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunting Equipment,” a collection of products, guides, and instructional videos.

They are offering their services free of charge to the public, and the Georgia law includes a “no cost” registration fee.

They also offer a “virtual tour” to get you up to speed on how to make a ghost hunt more effective.

Georgia Ghost Hunters says they will be taking advantage of the legislation to “protect the public from the threat of a potential haunt.”

It also says they are looking into how the bill could impact them.

In Georgia, the National Rifle Association is not in favor of the law.

“We think that if it were to pass, that it would create an unprecedented situation,” the NRA said in a statement.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill into law on Feb 13, and it was approved by the Georgia Senate on Feb 19. “

The Georgia legislature has the opportunity to fix the problem, but we must be mindful that if they pass the bill, we will be left with a potentially crippling state law that could hamper our ability to protect ourselves from this dangerous practice.”

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill into law on Feb 13, and it was approved by the Georgia Senate on Feb 19.

The bill will be considered by the full Georgia House of Representatives and Senate on March 3.

Ghost hunters in Georgia can expect a lot more of the same as the legislative session approaches.

According the Georgia Association of Ghost Hunters, the state is currently experiencing the worst-ever ghost hunting season.

According of the association, there are more than 1,000 active ghost hunters in the state and more than 500 active ghost hunts per month.


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